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Default configuration:

Device USB: Type-C
Host USB: Type-A
Detachable Connector: GX-16 White (with Black Screws & Black Heat Shrink Accent)
Heat shrink: Black
Device Metal Housing: None
Host Metal Housing: None


*We always try our best to bring you the perfect product. However, small surface/ exterior defects (especially on mirror polished items) are inevitable due to the handmade nature of our products. Measurements of cable parts are also rough estimates, there might be a slight margin of error in the final product.*

**Please note that cable with Type-C as Host Side is made with 5-pin cable and connectors. Both the device and host side will NOT
BE INTERCHANGEABLE with any cable sides with Type-A as Host Side which uses 4-pin connection.**

***Photos are for reference only, actual product may vary based on your configuration.***