[GB] SA Maestro Cable (Official Collab)
[GB] SA Maestro Cable (Official Collab)
[GB] SA Maestro Cable (Official Collab)
[GB] SA Maestro Cable (Official Collab)
[GB] SA Maestro Cable (Official Collab)
[GB] SA Maestro Cable (Official Collab)
[GB] SA Maestro Cable (Official Collab)


[GB] SA Maestro Cable (Official Collab)

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Proudly present our collaboration with HungHingDaiLo, the designer of the amazing keycap set SA Maestro. We opted for a pearl paracord and a white PET double sleeve to match the theme. The black GX-16 detachable connector is splashed with some RAL 1024.

Group Buy Period:
From 30th September, 2021 to 31th October, 2021

Turnaround time:
Estimated to be 2022 Q1


  • USB Type-C on the device end; USB Type-A on the host end
  • 18cm (~7 inches) coil length (for coiled option)
  • 15cm (~6 inches) device length (for straight option)
  • 150cm (~5 feet) host length
  • 90° to 90° coil orientation
  • 4 core 28 AWG TPE jacket wire
  • Paracord base sleeving
  • PET double sleeving
  • 4-pin liquid coated GX-16 detachable connector

 Consider joining the Group Buy for SA Maestro:

  • U.S: Vala Supply
  • UK: Proto[Typist]
  • EU: MKEU
  • AS/CN: zFrontier
  • SEA: Monokei
  • KR: SWAGKeys
  • OCE: SwitchKeys
  • CANADA: Ashkeebs


*This is a Group Buy, and the turnaround time is only an estimate. Delays and setbacks may occur due to various reasons. You will be charged immediately after the order is confirmed. And by purchasing this item, you acknowledge everything stated above. There are no refunds or cancellations for this order, even if the keycap set itself doesn't hit MOQ.*

**We always try our best to bring you the perfect product. However, small surface/ exterior defects are inevitable due to the handmade nature of our products. Measurements of cable parts are also rough estimates, there might be a slight margin of error in the final product you receive.**

***All items in orders containing this cable will be shipped together. Please do not checkout other products with this cable if you do not wish to wait for the estimated shipping date***