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Our Connectors

GX-16 Aviation Connector

Our GX-16 connectors are higher in quality compared to other off-the-shelf versions from Amazon or AliExpress. We have sourced and compared our GX-16 connectors from over 18 manufactures and decided to set foot on one that is doubled the cost of the generic ones.

Generic GX-16 connector (top) vs. Our GX-16 connector (bottom), both fully tightened


Each of our GX-16 connector is specially made from our partner factory. The friction of the plugs is fine-tuned to ensure smooth connections and disconnections. The locking ring on the female side as well as the thread on the male side are very precise, leaving no gaps between when connected.


Push-Pull Self-Latching Connectors



LEMO or not?

Most people think this type of connector is called “LEMO”. However, LEMO is a company brand that specialized in manufacturing push-pull self-latching connectors. The high price of a LEMO push-pull connector can be contributed by its manufacturing location (high labor cost in Switzerland, Hungary, and the United States), IP rating, and the branding LEMO built up over the years.

Our Connectors

We really do enjoy the aesthetic that these push-pull connectors bring to the mechanical keyboard community. Therefore, we are offering alternatives with comparable qualities and aesthetics but in a more accessible price. We suggest avoid calling these LEMO to cease spreading of the misnomer mentioned in the beginning.

Connector Quality

Unlike some alternatives with poor quality, the soldering points of our push-pull connector are gold plated and solid, instead of non-plated and hollow. This makes our push-pull connector sustain better in transmitting power and signal over time.

The housing of our push-pull connectors is made with copper alloy and electroplated with chromium. This combination provides excellent durability that can withstand extreme conditions and environment, prolonging the lifespan of our push-pull connectors.