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Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment of Our Connector

The main surface treatment process of our GX-16 connectors is Liquid Coating. It is a technique widely used in the automotive and the furniture industries.

Liquid coating is essentially the liquid version of the more well-known powder coating. Our technician will carefully apply the liquid on the detachable connectoar with a spray gun. The liquid is consisting of additives, carriers, pigments, and resins. After the liquid has been applied evenly, the connectors will be cured at 70°C for 30 minutes in the oven. We will then inspect for any chipping or flaking, those that didn’t pass our QC will be recoated afterwards.

Our black GX-16 connectors and push-pull connectors are finished with electroplating. This is a technique to be processed by the manufacture. Basically, a thin layer of metal is being plated to the connector using electricity. Those metals include but not limited to chromium, gold, and nickel.

Showcasing the durability of our liquid coated GX-16 connectors